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What is the Utah Doberman Rescue?
The UDR, a division of the Salt Lake Doberman Pinscher Club, consists of volunteers who are dedicated to finding quality homes for needy Dobermans. We place an average of 100 dogs each year.

Where Do All of These Dogs Come From?
Some of our dogs come to us from owners who are moving or going through a divorce. Some are unclaimed strays from animal shelters. Still others are victims of abuse and neglect.

What Area Do We Serve?
Most of our Dobermans come from the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas, but we accept dogs from much of the intermountain region, including Wyoming, Idaho, and southern Utah.

How Are the Dogs Cared For?
Whenever possible our dogs are placed in foster homes until they can be placed. Because of the shortage of foster homes, however, most of the dogs are kept in a boarding kennel until we can place them. We try very hard to evaluate the needs of both prospective owners and the Dobermans in need to find the right match.

Are There Any Fees To Adopt Through Rescue?
The Doberman Rescue pays for all expenses related to each dog in our care. This includes a veterinary exam, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, micro-chipping, treating for worms, and heartworm testing. Obviously this is very expensive and any help is greatly appreciated. We ask that new owners donate $200 to the Utah Doberman Rescue so that we can cover some of these costs.

What Is Required of Me?
Prospective owners must fill out an adoption application and agree to abide by the terms of our adoption contract. We are looking for stable, loving, permanent homes with adequately fenced yards for our Dobermans. Dobermans do not have enough coat, nor the disposition to be kept as an outdoor dog. They must be house dogs and must never, ever be chained as a way of confinement. They love their people and want to be with you constantly.

Should I Buy a Puppy or Adopt Through Rescue?
By adopting a rescue dog you are able to choose a dog with the appropriate energy level, manners and temperament to suit your lifestyle. It is also very rewarding to know that you may be saving a dog's life. If you are convinced you need a puppy, please read Ten Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog.

Will An Adult Dog Adjust to a New Family?
Dobermans are extremely people oriented. They were bred to be a companion and protector of man. As a rule, they bond very quickly with their new family members because they crave human contact so much. Often dogs from the worst backgrounds, those who have been abused and neglected, are the most loving. They truly appreciate the attention and security given to them and with time and proper care and respect become completely devoted to their new owners.

How Can I Help?
Volunteers are needed to work with the shelters, especially in areas at a distance from the Salt Lake Area, to exercise the dogs who are being boarded, and to help with fund-raising. Good foster homes are always needed. If you can't volunteer, donations are gratefully accepted.

There are wonderful Dobermans waiting to join your family. For more information, call:

Marsha Sheppard 801-553-6444 ____Barbara Kuhnel 801-486-7707

email: utahdobes@gmail.com