Favorite Links


UDC   United Doberman Club

AKC American Kennel Club

DPCA Doberman Pinscher Club of America


Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club

Clicker Training  A great way to train with positive reinforcement

John Soares  Read Elements of Temperament

Leerburg  Lots of Training Info

DVG  All Breed Schutzund Organization

Michael Ellis  Motivational Training

Dog Obedience & Training  Tips for dog training  

Dr. P's Dog Training   Broad ranging look at dog training and psychology  

Rover, Come Here!  Practical dog training

Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club Ogden, Utah 

Wasatch Agility   Local Agility Information

Agility  Keep your dog busy and happy with agility training

Flygility  The next best thing?


Doberman Health   Overview of Common Health Problems in the Doberman

CBD OIL   good for pain, anxiety, etc.

von Willebrand's Disease   FAQ about Doberman vWD

vWD   DNA Studies in Doberman von Willebrands Disease

Career as a Veterinary Surgeon  From the "U.K.,comprehensive description of what is involved

QuitDay Why second-hand smoke is BAD for pets

Vaping and Pets Safety tips for smokers

Wobblers   Wobblers Syndrome, causes and treatments

Dilated Cardiomyopathy  -Diagnosis and Management of DCM

Ventricular Arrhythmias in Dobermans  Holtering could save your Dobe's life.

NCS Cardiac Genetics Laboratory Kate Meurs' new DNA Test

Cancer  An Informative Overview of Canine Cancer, plus diets, therapies

Thyroid Disease  What's So Big About The Little Thyroid?

Kennel cough You might think your dog has something stuck in his throat.

Vaccinations...Too Many, Too Often?  A must read

Rawhides - safety and digestibility


The Animal Rights Menace

Dogwatch  Information on Breed Specific Legislation


North West Doberman Rescue  Centralia, WA

Las Vegas Doberman and Dachshund Rescue Brenda Borelli

Doberman Rescue of Nevada

Doberman Rescue of Colorado

Utah Animal Adoption Center  All-breed dog (and cats, too!) rescue for the SLC area

Senior Doberman Project Helping old dogs, fighting animal abuse

Lander Pet Connection Wyoming pet adoption

Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue   Phoenix, Arizona

Montana Pets   Montana-wide Pet Rescue

No More Homeless Pets In Utah


Millcreek F.I.D.O.S  Great New Site for Hiking Dogs!

Dober'Toons  Check this out--lots of fun!

Facts About Albino Dobermans

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