Happy Endings/New Beginnings



Hi Marsha,

Keela became a Pet Partners therapy dog in April of 2013. We have visited at the hospital where I work, our pediatric clinic, the rehabilitation hospital and nursing homes. We also visited the local college to provided stress relieve for the teaching staff during finals week. One of the young patients said his first word to Keela after a long and disabling illness!

She has been a perfect lady in all settings and has changed many peoples opinion of the Doberman breed. She is the best personal therapy dog to my husband after a long and stressful work day. At this point, it seems like she has been with us forever.

She is the picture of health and athleticism. She gets to enjoy long runs in the high desert with her siblings and loves to dig for ground squirrels. We keep a G.P.S. tracking collar on her as she is very apt to leave us in the dust.

I have attached some pictures. She has 2 siblings, Monty the rescue Dogue de Bordeaux, and the Scottish Deerhound/Borzoi mix rescue Luna. You can see in the one photo they didn't want to be left out of the photo op. My husband scanned the pet partners badges that we wear when visiting.

Thank you again for your efforts in Doberman rescue. Hopefully we will see you at one of the summer picnics.

Kind Regards,
Mary and Dennis



It’s been a little while since I’ve sent a report on “The Saint”. He continues to impress us.

His most recent affair of the heart with me has happened over the past week.

I was an eye witness to the high speed police chase that resulted in a shooting and subsequent death of for lack of better words (the bad guy).

In this process the guy had shot towards my car and then at the police. As you can imagine I’ve been rather shaken from what I saw.

Well it’s as if “The Saint” has had some kind of intuitiveness as to my troubles, and has never left my side. I didn’t sleep for nights on end. He either rested beside of me in the bed or down by my bed (which is interesting because as a rule he always sleeps on his own big comfy versace’ leather couch)

Jay said the most beautiful sight came the other night when I finally fell into a deep sight, and laying there right beside of me with his head nested into my pillow was “The Saint” sound asleep and snoring. Almost to say….I can finally rest because Daddy has fallen asleep. (TEAR).

As I’ve said before I’m not really sure just who rescued whom in this situation. Someone sure was listening to God when they named him “SAINT”



Hi Marsha,

We sure are enjoying Rocko. What a cutie with so much personality!! Attached are two pictures of his first boat ride. He had a blast!!!8-) He has had wonderful manners, is a perfect partner to walk with and is such a lovebug cuddlebunny!!

Thanks so much for making our family of 3 complete again to a family of four!!! He has stolen all of our hearts.

Miki, Craig, Claire and Rocko


  Diesel's Story

A year before we adopted Diesel, we had lost our beloved female Doberman to DCM. Wanting another, we began looking to adopt. So, when I saw this guy in need of a home, I immediately went to meet him (he had been scheduled for euthanasia ). He looked as if he hadn't eaten in weeks, his ribs were way more than visible, sores on his legs, tips of his natural ears bleeding, severe separation anxiety and a growling issue when his head was touched - approximate age 2 to 3 years old. So, I really didn't know his history, but I'm guessing that it wasn't good. However, there was just something about him - kind of like a diamond in the rough. When I looked into those loving, adoring Dobe eyes (any Dobe parent knows that look), I knew we could work through any issues.

After several sessions with a wonderful Dobe specialist, we began to see real positive progress with this guy. He responded well to training and has turned out to be super smart, has a terrific personality, is quite the clown, a tad bit mischievous and those facial expressions are another story! I'm now sure that the growling issue was out of fear and confusion, but certainly not acceptable behavior. All he needed was a positive, loving leader to show him direction and I was up to the challenge. In fact, he is quite the lover now and really enjoys a good head massage! I think Diesel's goal in life is simply to please his family. When he is unsure of something, he looks to me for direction and follows through.

So, in a year, Diesel has come a long way - from 58 lbs. of bones, insecurity and many issues to 80 lbs. of muscle, strength, confidence and love. We love him and he has found his forever home - hopefully, that's many year's worth. I'm glad that when I first met him, I was able to see the bigger picture. It would have been sad to miss out on such a magnificent companion. We're proud to be his Dobe parents! Diesel truly is our "Diamond in the Rough".
Pat & Dave G.


 It took us 6 hrs to get home because of rest stops, and Jenna was an angel on the entire trip.

At home, it's as of she's always been with us. The cats only took a couple of hours to get used to her, except for Miss Kitty, but it took her months to get used to Bonnie. I woke up this morning to find Sam and Jenna sharing the same pillow together, so she has been accepted.

She is so affectionate, and certainly knows how to play it up for mommy and daddy. She's also a character, and her antics keep us laughing. But it's so much better hearing laughter in the home now, since we've been crying all week over the loss of Bonnie. Jenna is Jenna, and can never replace Bonnie, but she's filled a hole and now we are a complete family. Jenna is a sweet girl who has let us spoil her, and she knows it, but then again, she deserves it.

Thank you so very much for letting us adopt this precious little girl.
Mary Cokenour


  My name's Annie and I am a rescue dog from Utah Doberman Rescue. I'd like to tell you how I ended up living 5000 miles away in a small town in England.

In August 2000 Barbara from the UDR put my picture on the website hoping to find me that forever home. This person with a funny accent came to see me at Willow Creek in Salt Lake City. There I was, a little red girl with natural ears barely 1 year old (she told me later that she was looking for an older black dobie with pointy ears) and she fell in love with me at first sight. She took me home to Park City and named me Annie, as she said I was an orphan. There was so much to learn (as I had spent much of my short life in shelters) how to go up stairs, how to run off the lead without falling over my own legs, what toys were for, that people on roller blades were not aliens from another planet requiring you to run away and hide. Life was good. Barbara invited us to go hiking in Toll Canyon with their dober gang and there I met my friend Rhubarb, he was only 6 months old and happy to play the chase me game all along the trails. We had a really fun two years in Park City with all our friends, everybody loved me and I was invited to all the best parties and BBQs. Along the way I even managed to pick up my CD title in some noisy city called Las Vegas. When Nicki went on holiday to some place called England to visit her family I got to stay with Barbara and Dylan and all my Dober friends - life was good.

One day we got in the car with lots of bags and my crate. She said we were going to some new place called an airport. At the check in desk everybody made a fuss of me and said wasn't I sweet. I was enjoying all the attention and happily showed them how good I was by getting in my crate. Then they shut the door and wheeled me away, something was definitely wrong. I howled as loud as I could but they didn't stop and instead loaded me into a big silver bird. Several hours later I was off loaded into another airport and Nicki was there to tell me how glad she was to see me. We were in some place called Virginia and this was to be our new home. I didn't like it - it was hot and humid, there were no mountains outside the back door to run in every day and no Dober friends. Life did get better, instead of the mountains we went to the beach to play in the waves and I was introduced to some big animals called horses. As I was good and didn't chase them I got to go to the barn everyday to play in the fields whilst she rode the horses.

Three years later we got in the car again with the bags and the crate. She told me that this time we were going to her home to live, to England. I wondered if dogs there barked with a strange accent? She explained that I would go on the plane again and that at the other end I would go into some place called quarantine. She said that I wouldn't have to stay there as many animals did for six months, as I had had all my blood tests and paperwork and instead I would be there less than a day. I thought I would be scared but those quarantine people were so nice - they bathed me as I had pooped in my crate and they played with me whilst I waited to see the vet. Finally I was released and after another long car journey we reached our new home. We would be staying with Nicki's parents and instead of being on my own in the day whilst she was at work I would have people to play with and take me for walks.

I have been here in England for four years and life really is good. In fact the only bad thing is this animal called a cat - I am not allowed to eat him even though he does bite my legs and my ears. We have just moved house again and now I have 5 acres of fields to play in (although Nicki says it is for the horses). Everybody over here thinks I am cute as red dobies are not very common and wherever we go people make a fuss of me. This winter it snowed really hard for a change and it was like being back in Park City as a youngster all those years ago................



Thanks for the clicker info, I will be incorporating it into his training. I am also using German Schutshund training commands.

I kept his name. I like Thor for him. Thor is the Norse god of thunder and he has red hair, very appropriate. Marsha found the vaccination info for him and it has been faxed to my LV vet. His name has always been Thor so it`s good that I didn`t confuse him by changing it. His actual birthday is Nov 18, 2009 so he is still 7 months old for 4 more days.

Btw, he had his first bath monday and he is just such a good boy! He sat still for the entire time. He`s a beautiful red color.

           Here is a picture of him with Ginger. He loves her. Getting some sun on the back stoop. He also "discovered" the couch!

           Frank Garofalo


  Marsha, I am happy to tell you that Millie is doing wonderfully and we are enjoying having her in our home. She is changing people's opinion of the breed left and right. We went to a family reunion last weekend and took her with us. All the kids loved having her there and playing with her. At one point I turned around and found that she was being used as a pillow by two of them and was just loving every minute of it. We spent the whole reunion having people tell us what a sweet dog she was and how they never thought a doberman would be like that. As we were getting ready to leave one of my husband's aunts came up to me and told me that when we showed up with Millie that she couldn't believe that we had gotten such a big mean vicious dog with our little kids let alone brought her to the family reunion, but she found that Millie is one of the most wonderful, patient, and calm dogs she has ever seen.

I am still working toward doing therapy animal work with her. Right now we are still working on basic training and taking her out into public to get her used to large crowds. Not that she seems to have any problem with it.

A few weeks ago we took her to Liberty Park. While Carissa played on the toys I stood at the side with Millie and watched. Soon we had a huge crowd of people kids and adults alike standing around and petting her and she was the perfect angel through it all. People were even telling us that we must have done lots of obedience work and training with her to make her so calm and good with people. Lucky for us that is just the way she is. Millie never licks anyone except little kids and while we were at the park a group of mentally handicapped people came through. They all had to stop and pet her and one lady bent down to give her a hug Millie cuddled into the hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Millie is such a sweetheart and I think she will be a wonderful therapy dog. Just the way she acted with them I think she knew what special people they were. Again thanks so much, Brian, Jennifer, Carissa, and Landon Haddock



                                                                                    Titus and Amos
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for helping me find Amos. He is a part of the family and we love him so much. Titus had an older Dobe to play with and learn from when I adopted him and brought him home. Last August my Dobe Ruger was diagnosed with cancer that he had developed from a tumor on his spleen. He had suffered from that and arthritis in his hind legs and after living 13 good years with me, I had to let him go. Titus had separation anxiety until we found Amos. The day they met, Titus came out of his shell, Titus and Amos are now inseparable. Amos only has one beef with Titus and feels he has to protect the cat when its around. Its funny to watch him chase Titus away every time the cat is near. I want to thank you, Chris Talbert, and The Utah Doberman Rescue for who you are and what you do. You have saved the lives of needing pets and brought happiness into the homes of the people who love them.
Thank you, The Pierces



Dear Marsha,  Meeho is happy with us, and we love him. I take him running on the road, on his leash every day. When there's powder (and not crusty snow), I occasionally take him snowshoeing or Steve takes him skiing.
He tap dances in the kitchen when he knows he's about to be fed, and he still carries his dish around, after he's finished eating. He jumps over the furniture like a goat and perches on the back of the sofa to sun himself like a cat on winter afternoons.



Hi Marsha!  I wanted to write and let you know things are going really well with Alex. We completed the basic dog obedience training, more for me than Alex I am sure. We learned alot and the trainers were very helpful and understanding. We still have alot to learn and do, but things are good and we love Alex! I hope he feels loved he gets alot of attention from all of us, almost to the distraction of the kids getting there responsibilities done



We are doing terrific. Conner is getting along with my cat very well. In fact, Poppy feels quite free to jump up right next to him on the couch and walk over him to get to me. She'll touch noses with him and is allowed to drink out of his water dish He did the invitation to play bow to her trying to get her to run with him. He seems to thoroughly enjoy his life. We go for walks or play ball every day and his muscles are building up so you can't see those bones in his back and hips anymore. He's an attention hog. He loves to be petted and if my hand stops, he checks to see if it's broken or something. :) He's been friendly with every dog and every child we've encountered. He's adorable and so smart! I never thought a male could be this smart.



I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Reeses be a part of our lives. It is hard for us to believe we have had her for almost 4 years. Our Bodee passed away in March (she was 13 plus years old). It was very hard on all of us, but Reeses has stepped in and tried to fill the hole in our hearts. She is absolutely the best hiking dog I have ever had. She never wanders and is happy to do whatever we decide to do. At home, her favorite place is to be on the couch covered up by a quilt when we leave for work in the morning. She is truly a wonderful dog and I am so thankful she could find her way to our home.



The kids adore Maizy and she is really starting to open up with them. We still have not heard her bark other than in her sleep. She has really opened up a lot since we brought her home. She loves to cuddle and if she can't have her head in our laps she is laying on our feet.



Hi, just wanted to send a note and tell you how great one of your rescues turned out. We adopted Ruby (the one on the right in the photo) through your rescue organization about five years ago. She has brought such great joy to us, she thanks us every single day for giving her a loving happy home. She is totally devoted to us and to our other Dobe Hawk (the one on the left in the pic). Ruby is slowing down now and has a few health problems but we will always be grateful you found her for us.....thanks Jim



Hello Marsha, We thought we would send you a little info on Zeusa. Well she has adapted very well with the cats. She loves to play with socks right when you take them off your feet. We are so happy to have her and we love her very much. It did take awhile for her to get use to the cats but now she loves to smell them and the tries to give them her toys. She will leave her toys by the cats and than come back and wonder why they are'nt playing with them and pushes the toys closer. She is a mams girl. Thank you again hope she can meet you soon.
The Andersons
P.S. She also loves to play with a flashlight



Goosie Lucy, CD, CGC, WAC, TT, ThD 11 years old
Lucy came to us on August 20th 1993. My dear friend Ernie Moss, who does Doberman rescue with SLDPC told us of a Doberman at one of the local shelters that was due to be destroyed the following day. Sight unseen we went and picked her up to "foster" her. We were awed by her beauty. She was 1 1/2 years old at the time, and the definition of energy. We named her Goosie Lucy, due to her trademark poking Doberman nose. It has been an exciting 9 1/2 years. She has been a tremendous joy in our lives. I do child care in my home and Lucy is a perfect lady with the kids. She has earned her Novice obedience title, the WAC from the DPCA, AKC's CGC certificate and the TT from a national temperament organization. Lucy has been doing therapy work for nearly the entire time we have had her. We don't let her jump anymore because she has cancer in her hip, but jumping was her love. With more dedicated owners she could have done anything. However, her greatest work is the therapy work she does. She has made hundreds of elderly people smile and educated thousands of children in the 9 years she has been a registered Therapy Dog. We are so saddened by the thought of losing Lucy. She has outlasted the time the vet gave her because of the cancer she has. We cherish every day with her. Lucy, you changed our lives and we will always love you.

Dingy Ricky Roo, CGC, ThD 7 1/2 years old
"In March of 1997 Ernie Moss told us again of another Dobie at the shelter. The thought of him in that shelter haunted me until I had to go see him. I barely got through the door when I looked up and saw a beautiful black silhouette of a head peering at me above the brick wall and through the chain link of the kennels. I knew immediately this was him and I believe it was love at first sight. He never uttered a sound as those eyes beckoned me to his kennel, but only looked at me as if to say, "I've been waiting for you. What took you so long? LET'S GO!" His name became Dingy Ricky Roo. He is so sweet! He took to Therapy work so well. He knows who needs him and patiently sits with his head in laps whle the people stroke his beautiful head. He is a great prop for other dogs as they jump on his back or over him. As I tell the children in the schools we visit, Ricky is an example of why people should not breed a dog just because it is purebred. Ricky suffers from mysterious seizures that can last for days and has many other problems. We love him through them and makes for many sleepless nights, but he is the sweetest guy and we are glad to have him. Lucy and Ricky are great friends. We are so blessed with these wonderful companions!




Roxy is a very energetic, sweet, loving puppy! She has been a great addition to our family. I'm not sure if it's good luck or she is just happy to have a stable home but she settled into our home in no time. We are lucky to have her!



Molly Mae

When we adopted Miss Molly Mae she was about 3 years old, a shy, timid little puppy of 50 lbs. Now she’s a svelte 69 lbs.! She was pretty much afraid of her own shadow. From the start she was a Mama’s girl, and wouldn’t even let me shower alone. She had to sleep right by my side of the bed as close as she could get, (she couldn’t get on the bed, there’s no room!) and had a major incontinence problem. She seemed ashamed of herself for ‘leaking’. With the Doctor’s help we got her on medication to take care of that problem. I had to take a ball bat on walks with us to fend off the dogs that wanted to get close to Molly Mae. Now, 3 years later, I have to take a ball bat to discourage other dogs from getting too close for fear of what my ‘protector’ might do! She has very successfully trained her humans, Mama & Daddy, and is spoiled rotten, of course! We celebrate her birthday on March 4 every year, so she just turned 6!




We adopted Jordan (formerly Justice) in March '02. My wife is not proud of it, but she is actually named after the British model, Jordan. We haven't had Jordan for too long but she has changed our lives forever. She's athletic, beautiful, and somewhat needy (she's not happy unless she's lying next to you being petted). Jordan is a sweetheart though. If you can picture her lying in bed under a comforter with her head on a pillow, and sighing each time the alarm goes off, and sighing even louder each time you reach over her to press the snooze button, then that's our Jordan. The girl is truly unique and we absolutely love her for it.