Storm was a gentle blue girl. To know her was to love her. She was diagnosed with wobblers while she was still in rescue, but thanks to a wonderful foster home, she spent her last months being cherished and loved.

A note from her foster family:
What can we say about Storm? We knew she was a very sick girl when we brought her home, but she was so very sweet and still had a lot of love to give. We knew how very difficult it would be to bring her home to have to let her go.

Storm had a lovely spirit and everyone fell quickly in love with her. She loved to chase the cats with her new family of dogs, and play with the front of her sweater. When she wanted something she would let you know with a bark and when you guessed what she wanted, she would dance around you and wag her tail gratefully.

She was only with our family a short time, but long enough to be greatly missed. She was loved and will lways be loved by those fortunate enough to know her. Till we meet again, our sweet, sweet girl, we will miss you.

from your family, Joseph, Jamie, Andrew, Brandon, Zo and Daisy


  Aria Disney Fullerton

12-16-2010 -- Our beloved Aria Disney Fullerton passed away tonight on her own terms, just the same way we allowed her to live her life the last 16 1/2 months. We are, as always, devastated by the loss. But at the same time, our hearts are filled with gratitude at having had the opportunity to take this once abused girl and fill her life with love. After losing Miley and then Toots I cried every day for 9 1/2 months...until Aria came and brought joy and laughter and hope and love into our lives. We named her Aria because she "sang us to her", a reference to the movie Australia. The Disney came from a look she would give us that looked as charming as a Disney cartoon dog and made us smile every time.

Aria had a heart that included everyone. She would happily sit by a stranger just for the opportunity to get to know them. Being a homeopath myself, I saw her ability to heal people in her own right. The first week we had her I was working with a woman who had a profound fear of dogs. She chose to work with me to overcome that fear partly because of homeopathy's ability to cure fears and partly because I have a house full of Dobermans, a breed with a misplaced reputation for being scary. She knew enough about me to know my dogs wouldn't be frightening. When she was ready I chose to introduce Aria to her. This sweet dog instinctively knew that what was needed was just to sit quietly next to the woman until she reached out for her.

Interestingly, Aria kept looking at one side of the woman's head, pointing her nose up toward it as though she wanted to sniff her head. I asked her if there was something about the right side of her head that she needed to tell me about. She said she had taken a bad fall a few days before and had gotten a concussion. It was nothing you could see, but Aria knew it was there and needed to be treated. Amazing. The two of them seemed to have a curious attraction for one another...later we found out it was because they both had kidney failure.

This sort of thing happened repeatedly. Aria was welcomed in a local rehab center for her gentle nature and her empathetic eyes. She knew pain and suffering.

Now her life has come to an end, not unexpectedly, but suddenly. We will miss her sweet freckled face and gorgeous brown eyes desperately. But we are filled with gratitude for having known Aria Disney Fullerton, for having been her students, her parents, her guardians. We will love her forever.

                              Jeanie and Marty Fullerton



Moose was a doberboy that we rescued with the help of Marsha Sheppard of the Utah Doberman Rescue over 9 years ago. He passed away last week at the ripe old age of 15 years, and time was still way too short. We knew he was the boy for us from the first moment we met him. When we went to meet him, we were greeted by a large black Dobie who bounded up the stairs and laid down right at our 7 year old daughter Danyell's feet.

Moose was a noble and beautiful Doberman with the funniest and most gentle personality. Squirrels were the bane of his existence, and he would go into a frenzy when they would stand out in our front yard mocking him. He loved his treats and was very 'aware' of when anyone was in or near the kitchen.

One of Moose's favorite things to do was wait until my back was turned and then deliver a full-blown "Moose Goose" -- bumping me in the behind while wagging furiously. It always made me laugh.

When I think of Moose, the feelings that come to mind are of gentleness, kindness, and a wonderful easygoing nature. He was always there when things were difficult, and he knew when we needed him near. He'd lay in the sun at Will's feet while Will was working; a comforting presence and our Velcro dog. We're sure he kept himself healthy all these years by sneaking pears and apples from the backyard trees. We'd catch him chomping away at them and scold him --- if it was 'Mama' scolding him, he'd walk away non-chalantly, pretending he hadn't heard; if it was 'Daddy,' he'd spit the pear out, and look at us as if to say "Pear? What pear? I didn't see a pear!"

Moose knew some really unique tricks, my personal favorite being "Move Your Bed." I'd point to his bed around bedtime and tell him to move his bed, because we let our Dobies sleep on the floor of our room at night. After I'd picked it up, he'd push it with his head, get under it, tug at it, get in front of me and bark directions, shove it, and "help" me move his bed into our room. He was the foreman of the whole operation :)!

He also loved "Hide and Seek," and would wag furiously and bark at me when he knew I was hiding from him and was going to jump out and scare him.

Moose was always good-natured, happy to see us, and there by our side. He was the one who comforted us, even on his last day when we went to see him after his emergency surgery. He tucked his head into us and loved us, even though he was the one who had gone through so much. We miss him so much and our house feels empty without him. Thank you, Doberman Rescue for the opportunity to have Moose in our lives. We have rescued 2 other Dobies since then, and we will continue to support Doberman Rescue throughout our lives.

Will and Chrystal Reece


Dingy Ricky Roo
Oct 1995 – Aug 25, 2007

On Sunday, August 25th we lost our dear Doberman Ricky. He had a stomach irritation from eating peaches which developed into colitis. Unfortunately his body was too old to resist the strain and he went septic, so we had to let him go. We are grateful, he went very quickly, the entire illness only lasted a little over 24 hours. Of course our hearts are broken and we miss him terribly. He was a good old boy and everyone who knew him appreciated his laid back gentle nature.


    In March of 1997 Ernie Moss told us of a Dobie at the shelter. The thought of him in that shelter haunted me until I had to go see him. As I walked into the Kennels it occurred to me that I should have asked which kennel he was in, as it was quite a large place. I needn’t have worried. I barely got through the door when I looked up and saw a beautiful black silhouette of a head peering at me above the brick wall and through the chain link of the kennels. I knew immediately this was him, and I believe it was love at first sight. He never uttered a sound as those eyes beckoned me to his kennel. He looked at me as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for you. What took you so long? LET’S GO!” His name became Dingy Ricky Roo.

He was so sweet! He took to Therapy work so well. He always seemed to know who needed him and patiently sat with his head in laps while the people stroked his beautiful head. He was a great prop, for Lucy to jump over and for Snack to stand on his back. Ricky suffered from mysterious seizures that could last for days. He had a bad heart and other problems. This made for many sleepless nights, but we nursed him through them. Ricky had a fondness for shoes and full garbage cans that weren’t secured and was known to have destroyed 1 couch 2 love seats and a recliner. He always wanted his bed to be just so. It’s wonderful to look back at his antics and smile.

We are so disappointed that Morgan will not get to see him again. He almost made it. She will be home from Argentina in seven weeks. She loved him so much. He came home to live with us on her 12th birthday. Ricky slept with her under her covers every night until she left for college.

Ricky was a great mascot for the Doberman breed and a tribute to rescue Dobermans. He was the greatest guy and we were glad to have him. Lucy and Ricky were great friends, and I know they are having a happy reunion running and playing. It was a blessing to have such a wonderful companion!

We’d like to thank everyone who allowed Ricky to be a part of their lives.

The Pevey Family

      Jay, Dana, Morgan & James